Open Banking Data APIs

Access user insight data with Open Banking APIs powered by fena

Get access to enriched data that fuels informed business decisions.

Unleash the power of Open Banking data

Open Banking has unlocked a world of possibilities and third party providers can securely access financial data in real time, enabling them to build or power better financial products and services.

From accurate credit and risk assessments, streamlined onboarding and user verification, to transaction data analysis and reconciliation, open banking is redefining financial services.

Easy access with Open Banking Data APIs for your sector


Get insights for your clients with comprehensive Open Banking data.

Connect and analyse multiple bank accounts for unrivalled insight into financial data.

Lending and credit

Power up your lending team to make better lending decisions with open banking data.

Wealth management

Cost-effective way to power instant payments for SIIPs, investment apps or other investment products.

Integration with fena is hassle-free

Whether you prefer a plug’n’play solution, or if you want to build your own through our API, we’ll support you all the way through your integration journey.