Open Banking In-Store Payments

Get paid in-store or in-person

Accept bank transfers as seamlessly as card payments for just 0.3% per transaction.

You’ll save up to 85% of your transaction costs as compared to standard card transactions.

Download the fena Merchant app

Start accepting instant payments wherever and whenever you do business

Let your customers choose how to pay, from scanning a QR code to touch technology via the fena app or web browser.

  • Offer customers a convenient payment method in store
  • Get paid on the go or or in-store with a mobile device
  • Continuously improved

Get paid instantaneously.

With fenaPay, you will receive payments straight to your bank account within seconds.

As fena supports account-to-account transactions, a payment between you and your customer is facilitated as a fast bank transfer.

Instant access to your funds will help you improve your cashflow.

Get Paid In-Store or In-Person with the fena Merchant app