Open Banking Invoices

fena Invoice Payments

Place the fena payment QR code on your invoices and get paid in just a few clicks.

Up the ante with fena Invoice QR Code Payments. Unleash the power of Open Banking for your payment collection.

Why to use fena Invoice Payments

Accurate payments

No more errors with an amount paid or an invoice reference number.

Easy reference matching

Set up your own reference for each invoice for easy reconciliation.

Automatic reminders

Set up automatic reminders for unpaid invoices. Save time for your finance team.

Easy API integration

Integrate with our Invoice system with super easy API connection and get paid instantly by ‘Pay by link’ or ‘Pay by QR code’ method.

Integration with your accountancy

Connect your accounting system with fena Invoice payments.

Pay by link

Taking payments over the phone? Try our Pay by Link feature. Simply send a payment link via a text or email.

Why Open Banking payments for your invoices?

Bank-level security

All payments are processed by banks; guaranteeing bank-level security.

Instant settlements

Instant settlement and reconciliation of payments.

No personal data stored

Concerned about security and fraud? With Open Banking payments no bank or personal details are stored.

Low fees

Low transaction fees starting from 0.3%. Save up 82% on your card payment fees.

For small businesses

Ready to embrace the payment revolution?

Register for a fena Merchant Account to try out fena Invoice payments.

Create an account here.

For enterprises

Drop us a line on to set up an initial call to explore how we can help you gain access to Open Banking payments and data.

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