Order management

Take your B2B and B2C orders online or in person with a simple order system provided by fena. Take orders on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Over the phone ordering

In-depot or in-person ordering

Online ordering

Ordering on mobile

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eCommerce for B2B

Offer an ecommerce store front to your B2B clients for easy wholesale ordering. Account to account payments included.

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Online ordering for your wholesalers

Quickly and easily place orders, manage inventory, and track deliveries, all from one convenient location

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Ability to generate orders at events

Our user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and easily create orders on the spot

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Payments included for all orders

Complete your transactions quickly and easily, without the need for additional payment processing services

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Repeat orders and self-ordering

Enable automated regular orders, so your clients can receive their products without having to manually place an order every time

Credit balance payments

Display full balance, show all the paid and outstanding invoices. Allow clients to pay off their balance using Open Banking payments.

Pay off the balance in full or partially with Open Banking payments

Fena offers a simple and secure way to connect your bank account and make payments directly from your account.

Pay button available on the outstanding invoices

Paying outstanding invoices has never been easier. View outstanding invoices and click the Pay button make a payment

Set up recurring payments for regular credit balance payoff

With just a few clicks, you can set up automatic payments to pay off your credit balance on a regular basis

B2B Deal Pipeline

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Track sales across all stages of sales process

Monitor the progress of your sales from initial lead generation all the way through to final invoicing

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Convert approved quotes and orders into invoices

Convert approved quotes and orders into invoices, streamlining your invoicing process and saving you time and effort

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Assign deals to sales managers and sales personnel

Streamline your sales process and ensure that each deal receives the attention it deserves.

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Get free payments for all your sales channels

Fena supports a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers and mobile payments

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Fena makes it easy for you to generate quotes linked to deals

We know how busy life can get. Send a reminder to your client a day or two before scheduled appointments.

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Get alerts of overdue and paid invoices

Set up customizable alerts for overdue and paid invoices. Stay informed and take action when necessary