Payments API for instant payments

Initiate payments within your app or website using Open Banking payments. No cards, no fraud, no chargebacks, low fees.

Low fees, instant deposits

Let your customers easily deposit funds from any device, no accounts or registration required. Save up to 85% on payment processing fees.

  • A suite of SDKs for easy integration
  • Direct APIs available
  • Biometric authentication supported
  • Instant settlement
  • Easy reconciliation

Use cases

eCommerce and Online Payments

Frictionless online payments with low fees starting at 0.3%. Bank-level security to reduce fraud.

Invoice and bill payments

An easy, secure, low-cost way to get paid for bills and invoices.

Digital Wallet and account top up

Let users initiate payments or move money between accounts effortlessly.

Payments API for instant payments

How does it work?

Facilitate instant bank payments from within your app or on website

Step 1 – The user commits to making a payment

The user chooses ‘Instant Bank Transfer’ as a payment method, followed by choosing the bank they want to pay with.

Step 2 – fena initiates the payment

The user is redirected to their banking app to confirm the transaction. The payment is processed by the bank.

Step 3 – Instant fund deposit on your bank account

The user gets redirected back to your app once the payment completes. The payment reaches your bank account within seconds. No lengthy settlement process. et in touch

Key benefits of instant bank payments powered by fena

Increase conversion

With seamless bank transfer payments, you can reduce basket drop-outs. No card number, payments processed under 5 seconds.

Eliminate fraud

Enable direct payments with the bank, slashing fraud and chargebacks and saving you up to 1% of revenues.

Reduce costs

Slash the costs of card and interchange fees. fena uses the Open Banking framework to reduce payment processing fees by 0.85%.

Customisable design

Design your customer journey end-to-end. Easily customise your payment checkout page to match your brand.

Bank-level security

Our APIs are Open Banking and PSD2-compliant, ensuring secure access to the financial system.

Super easy implementation

Integrate with fena Open Banking Payment APIs using SDKs or direct APIs.

Seamless payment services for your industry


Reduce basket drop-outs with seamless bank transfer payments powered by fena.


Offer ‘Pay by Instant Bank Transfer’ at checkout as a payment method, saving up to 85% on payment processing fees.


Provide seamless payments for low-cost deposits top ups.

Crypto exchanges

Low-cost, easy top up for accounts with account-to-account payments.

Digital wallets

Easy and instant top-up by bank transfer for digital wallets.


Cost-effective way to power instant payments for SIIPs, investment apps or other investment products.

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