Manage your ecommerce and wholesale business with fena.

Designed and built for SMEs to run and scale their ecommerce and wholesale businesses

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Payment Hub

All tools to store products

Product inventory

Store your product details, track your inventory per product, connect your clients, customers and suppliers to your products.

Easily search for products and customers to quickly create and retrieve orders.

Add notes to products and orders for an in-depth view of sales activities.

Sales activities in one place

The CRM built for ecommerce and wholesales

Manage relationships with all your clients and customers across B2B and B2C.

See the full history of orders, communications, and other sales activities per customer in one place.

Integrated with Outlook or Gmail

Sales revenue at glance

B2C, B2B and wholesale online order

Customers are linked to orders, so you can see at a glance your total sales revenue from each

Log discounts, shipping & margin components

Orders are linked to inventory level and decrease your product stock automatically

Manage relationship with your suppliers with a built-in supplier management module

Supplier Management

Timely and accurate orders with suppliers

Balanced inventory levels to minimise stockouts and overstocking.

Centralised supplier database for streamlined management

Keep your customers updated

Shipment and fulfilment

Generate and print shipping consignment slips and labels.

Integrated with major courier companies

Keep your customers updated with the tracking number to follow their shipment status.

Sync your data across platforms

A wide range of integrations

Connect ecommerce platform, sales channels, accountancy platforms ad courier companies

Sync your data across platforms with the fena product inventory

Ordering & Terminal Apps

Generate orders with payments on your tablet or mobile. Perfect for trade shows and event sales

Designed for times when internet connection is scarce.

Synced your products for offline mode

Manually push your offline order to Fena Toolkit when required

Automatically sync offline orders when collected

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Key Features of the Ordering and Terminal App

Offline mode order generation

Payment terminal functionality

Synced with inventory management

In person orders

Order invoices with payment request

Trade show orders

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Order and Invoice Generation

Create B2B and B2C orders for delivery or pickup and in person with a simple order system provided by fena. Take orders on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Over the phone ordering

In-depot or in-person ordering

Online ordering

Ordering on mobile

Integrated with a wide range of platforms and software


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Accountancy services

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