Simple contactless payments with QR codes

Take payments from anywhere in your business – customers can just scan and pay.

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Why use Fena QR code Payments?

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Truly contactless

Your customers can complete the entire process using their phone – that means no fumbling around for cards or cash.

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Friction-free for customers

Customers pay using their bank app – no need to download an app or create an account.

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Track your payments

Check the status of your payments. If one’s outstanding you can resend the link to remind your customer to pay.

Perfect for all types of businesses

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Collect bill payments from your customers by attaching payment links to emails or messages.

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Phone orders

Accept orders over the phone and send your customer a payment link to the same number via text.

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Let customers order online and pick up their order from your shop. They can pay in advance or at the door.

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Social media selling

Turn your social media account into an online store. Simply post products and send payment links via the same channel.

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Service providers

Perfect for any in-person service providers that need instant payments after providing the services.

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Home delivery

Ready to start offering food for delivery? Take orders online or over the phone – then customers can pay by link.

Scan to pay

Simple contactless payments with QR codes


Your customer uses their phone to scan the QR code.


A browser page opens up and customers can pick the bank they want to pay from.


Your customer can either show you their success screen to confirm the payment, or you can check your Transaction history.

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