Bulk payments made simple

Pay bills, invoices and expenses in one payment run. Save time and hassle with fena Bulk Payments.

Take advantage of:

Error-free bulk payments, processed in a few clicks

Easy compilation of payment runs from multiple sources: your accounting system, CSV files or manually

Bank level security for all your payments using Open Banking rails

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Use cases

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Use case 1


Pay all your staff in one go with easy bulk payments built on Open Banking

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Use case 2

Supplier payments

Bills, expenses and invoices paid in one go. Save time and avoid errors for all your bulk payments

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Use case 3

Scheduled payments

Schedule multiple payments in advance to manage your cash flow

How does it work?

Step one - Upload, sync or manually add payments

Process your payments from various sources in one go:

From CSV

Upload a CSV file with your payment run and pay all due payments

From integrations

Automatically sync all your outstanding invoices and bills from accounting platforms

Adding manually

Manually add or edit payments to select include in your payment run

Step two

Select the payments

Choose which payments you want to include in the payment run

Step three

Approve all selected payments

Select the bank account you want to pay it from and approve the payment run

Who is it for?


Prepare payment runs for your clients in minutes.Take full advantage of fena bulk payments, upload CSV files, sync data from your accounting software or add transactions manually.

No access to client’s bank account, no problem

Simply share payment links with your clients if they need to approve any payment runs.

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Small and medium businesses

Pay all your bills and invoices in a few clicks. Import all your bills and invoices to prepare bulk payments with ease. Save time paying suppliers and correcting errors with payments.

Hassle-free payroll with fena

Make a payroll quick by uploading a CSV or syncing payroll data from your accounting software.

Supporting major UK banks

We currently support instant payments from the following banks and digital payments providers: See the full list

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Integrated with major accounting solutions


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Transparent and fair pricing for all types of businesses


1 payee: free

Up to 10

Up to 50

Up to 100

Additional 100



Get a 20% discount if paid annually

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