Get paid for your CBD products online, in-store and over the phone

With only 0.3% payment processing fees. No need to cancel your existing contract. Simply add it as an additional payment method.

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eCommerce plug-in available

We support plugins for popular e-commerce solutions. The plugins can be added to your website via the respective marketplaces and linked to your Fena account.


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Key Benefits

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0.3% payment processing fees

We charge a fair payment processing fee of 0.3% across all your payments.

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Multichannel solution

Try our Open Banking powered payments for ecommerce checkouts, Pay by Link solutions, QR code payments and in-person payments.

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Instant settlement

Payments are instantaneous. Your funds are deposited into your account the moment payments are made.

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Easy KYC and KYB

Use our simple registration for a seamless onboarding process with automated KYC and KYB.

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No high risk merchant premium

We offer a flat fee of 0.3% across all merchants - no higher rates for high risk merchants.

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Plug-ins for ecommerce platforms

If you using an ecommerce platform like Woocommerce, you can simply install one of our off-the-shelf plugins.

Do you sell CBD products to a wholesaler?

Try our invoice payments solution to collect payments from your B2B clients.

Easy Invoice Reconciliation

Add a payment button to invoices in your favourite accounting software and reconcile payments automatically with instant notifications.

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Improved Cash Flow

Using payment links and QR codes for instant account-to-account payments, improve your cashflow with payments powered by Fena.

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Integrated with major accountancy platforms


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Pay By Link

Use Pay by Link to collect payments for your CBD orders


Create a Link

Share secure links online in seconds to sell products or services. Get paid over the phone using Pay by Link.


Share the Link

Share it across various channels, such as SMS, messaging apps, email, embedded in invoices or whilst on the phone.


Receive Payments

Payments settle instantly and you receive status notifications via your dashboard and email.

Coming soon

Recurring payments

Subscriptions and recurring payments made easy. Collect recurring payments with seamless standing orders.

Improve customer experience

Reduce operational costs

Increase revenue collection reliability

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How do instant payments by Fena work?

It works in 5 easy steps


Choose to pay with instant bank payments


Double check the amount to pay


Select the bank you want to pay it from


Confirm the transaction within your banking app


Receive the transaction confirmation in your browser