Free digital payments for deposits, short terms let payments and more

Use Open Banking for your payment collection, for free

No chargeback mechanism

No fees for processing digital payments

No incorrect payment references

Instant settlement

Ability to collect one-off or recurring payments online and in-person

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Key Benefits

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Free digital payment processing

Request payments online, in-person or on mobile for free with instant settlements and error free

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Easy deposit payments with pay by link

Request deposit payments via an email or text message with ‘Pay by link’. No fees apply - instant settlement

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Reliable rent collection

Request recurring payments from your tenants via email or when finalising the contract

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Manage multiple bank accounts with our partner portal

Add multiple bank account to collect payments across users, estates or bank accounts with our partner portal

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Smooth invoice collection with payment link or QR code

Need to get your invoices paid quickly? Add pay by link to your invoices and make it easy for tenants to pay you

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In-person payments with a QR code

Collect reservation fees or deposit in-person using the fena app with QR code payments

Use cases

Use case 1

Deposit payments

Use case 2

Get paid for short term stays

Use case 3

One-off payments to landlords and agents

Use case 4

Cleaning fees and other one-off payment requests

Use case 5

Reservation fee collection

Use case 6

Ad hoc payments for damages, extra fees and services

Online payments

Add instant bank transfer as an option to your checkout

Get paid instantly on your website for any bookings and reservations.

Our online payment products are easy to install. You only need a few lines of code to integrate with your website.

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No chargeback

Our payments run on the faster payment network which does not support the chargeback mechanism

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Instant settlement

Payments are instantaneous. Your funds are deposited into your account the moment payments are made

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Easy setup

Set up your account in a few minutes with ecommerce plugins and SDKs

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Bank-level security

Our APIs are Open Banking and PSD2 compliant, ensuring secure access to the financial system

Do you use software to run your bookings?

Introduce us to your software provider and we will integrate with them.

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Pay By Link

It’s not only rent payments. Try ‘Pay by link‘ for ad hoc payments like deposit collection or other one-off fees


Create a Link

Share secure links online in seconds to collect deposits, fees and other ad-hoc payments


Share the Link

Share it across various channels, such as SMS, messaging apps, email, embedded in invoices or whilst on the phone.


Receive Payments

Payments settle instantly and you receive status notifications via your dashboard and email.

In-person payments

Download the fena Merchant app for free and start taking in-person payments with QR codes.

With the fena iOS and Android apps, your staff can collect B2B payments on the go.

Do you need to take payments on delivery or in your warehouse? Equip your team with the fena Merchant app

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How can you get started with in-person payments?

Step 1

Download the fena app on your mobile device or your staff mobiles

Step 2

Register or log in on the app

Step 3

Request an amount due and a QR code will be generated

Step 4

Once the payment is complete, you will receive a payment completed notification on your screen

How do instant payments by Fena work?

It works in 5 easy steps


Choose to pay with instant bank payments


Double check the amount to pay


Select the bank you want to pay it from


Confirm the transaction within your banking app


Receive the transaction confirmation in your browser