Record your product information in the centralised database.

Easily sync, import and export product information across Fena, major ecommerce platforms, marketplaces and more.

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How does the Fena Product Information Management module work?

Step 1

Connect or Import Your Product Data

Connect your products source or import your product lists with their details using our CSV import

Step 2

Verify and Connect Product Details

Simple contactless payments with QR codes. Take payments in person – customers can just scan and pay.

Step 3

Add Details to Enhance your Data

Fena payment links. Get paid no matter what your business or where you are – in your shop, at home or on the go.

Multi-Channel Connectors

Link your product data to all marketplaces, websites, and procurement platforms via your Product Information Management (PIM), enabling quick and easy product launches.

Fena provides integrations for vide range of platforms

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Fena Toolkit

Scale up your business across ecommerce, wholesale and retail with one centralised platform


Product Variants with multiple options supported

With PIM, businesses can easily create, organize, and update various product versions to cater to diverse customer needs.

These variants encompass different attributes such as size, colour, material, and more, allowing for comprehensive product differentiation.

Fena Toolkit enables seamless management of variant-specific information, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all channels. By streamlining variant management processes, Fena empowers businesses to deliver personalized and tailored product experiences to their customers, ultimately driving sales and enhancing brand loyalty.

Key Highlights

Multiple Category Assignment

Organize products efficiently by assigning them to multiple categories

SKU Assignment

Assign unique SKUs to product variants for precise inventory tracking

B2B and B2C Pricing

Set different prices for business and consumer transactions

Integration with Fena Inventory

Seamlessly link product data with inventory management for unified control

HS Code Assignment

Assign HS codes to products for international trade compliance

Supplier Assignment

Assign suppliers to products for streamlined procurement

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