Repeated payments made easy

Collect recurring payments like subscriptions or rent with seamless standing orders built on Open Banking

Improve customer experience

Reduce operational costs

Increase revenue collection reliability

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Key Benefits

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Direct payments into your account

Payments are collected from your customer’s bank account and sent directly to yours - no intermediaries and full amount arrives into your bank account

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Collect missed payments with single payment request

If a payment is missed and repeated attempts fail, you can generate a one off payment request to cover the missed payment

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Predictable costs

We charge a subscription fee for access to this product. You will always know what you’ll pay

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Collect a one off payment followed by recurring payments

Do you need to collect a one off payment before starting repeated payments? Set up a one-off payment collection followed by regular recurring payments.

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Missed payment alerts

Get alerted when payments are missed. The alerts are available on the Business Portal and via an API.

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Full reporting in our Business Portal

See all your transactions and reporting in one place. Use the fena transaction dashboard to see insights from your transactions.

Use cases

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Use case 1

Subscription payments

Get paid for your subscriptions using standing orders on Open Banking

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Use case 2

Regular top-ups

Use fena recurring payments for regular top-ups of accounts, pensions or saving pots

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Use case 3

Rent collection

Collect monthly or weekly rental payments with fena recurring payments

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Use case 4

Memberships payments

Affordable membership payment collection with ability to set a one-off payment to cover joining fees

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Use case 5


Collect instalments for courses, treatments or similar with easy setup and reliable execution

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Use case 6

Repeated payments

Need repeated payments to cover service charges or other repeated bills? Try fena recurring payments

How does it work for your customers?

Scenario one - Straightforward recurring payments

Step 1

Your customer chooses to trigger recurring payments using fena recurring payments

Step 2

They are taken to the page with a summary of payments and the bank selection screen

Step 3

The customer is redirected to their banking app or online banking to confirm the setup

Step 4

The customer is redirected to the confirmation page when the payment is successful

Scenario two - One off payment followed by recurring payments

Step 1

Your customer chooses recurring payments using a fena one-off payment

Step 2

They choose the bank they want to pay with the one off and recurring payments

Step 3

They then proceed to their online banking or banking app to approve the one-off payment

Step 4

The one off payment is collected instantly. The recurring payments are collected as per chosen schedule

Step 5

Once confirmed, the customer is redirected to the confirmation page when the payment is successful

Integrated with a wide range of platforms and software

Sync fena recurring payment with key ecommerce and account platforms.


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For Accounting

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Simple and transparent pricing

Standing orders per month

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Get a 20% discount if paid annually

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