Service offers and booking management

Get paid for your services at the booking with integrated payment

Integrated with a wide range of calendar providers including Gmail, Outlook, MS365.

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Key Benefits

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Payment collections for all your bookings

Easily integrate payment gateways and start collecting payments from your customers at the time of booking

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Keep customers engaged and ensure with booking reminders

Effective booking reminders should be sent well in advance of the appointment, typically between 24-48 hours beforehand

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Calendar integrations for individuals and teams

Calendar integrations are a powerful tool that can help individuals and teams to stay organized and on top of their schedules

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Assign deals to your sales personnel and track their progress with Fena

Streamline your sales process and ensure that each deal receives the attention it deserves

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Leave notes, comments and insights into the deal

Create a centralised repository of information that's easily accessible to everyone on your sales team

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Track all your communication throughout the sales process

Set a reminder to follow up with a customer in a week, or to send them a proposal after your next call