QuickBooks Integration to Include Payment Links with Your Invoices

Get paid fast and accurately with Fena Pay by Link, whilst effortlessly connect accounting with QuickBooks

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Get paid faster with payment links

Generate and insert payment links into invoices created in QuickBooks. Make it easy for your clients to pay your invoices. With Fena's payment links for QuickBook invoices, your invoice payment can be made with 2-3 clicks and zero hassle for your clients. They would simply click on a link and get redirected to their banking app or online banking to confirm the payment in a click.

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Increase accuracy of payments

As your payment links are generated automatically and inserted into your QuickBooks invoices, there is no space for mistakes in banking details or reference number. Save yourself and your time precious hours correcting and matching payments with incorrect details.

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Power up your reconciliation process with automated payments updates

Syncing your invoices statuses with your Fena Open Banking payment status. Fena will automatically updates your QuickBooks invoice the minute they get paid. It will improve your reconciliation process. Forget laborious hours send reconciling invoice payments with your bank statements.

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Improve cashflow

Combine power of Fena's Open Banking payments with velocity and robustness of QuickBooks to improve your cashflow and get paid faster. Open Banking payments utilise faster payment network to facilitate instant payments. What it means in practice is the minute your client pays you, you get paid.

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